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Cleaning is an important factor in working processes in modern industrial works. Besides of product quality it ensures the processing and especially safeguards the employee and environment.
The process of low-pressure hot cleaning was developed in the eighties by ph-cleantec (formerly Schickert) to protect the repair mechanic when repairing brake systems from dangerous brake dust containing asbestos. Today this process, patented by ph-cleantec, represents the most universal method for cleaning brakes, machines and parts.
For many years this method has proven successful in different applications in car and truck workshops and also in the general industry.
bremsen Cleaning of brakes, parts and chassis in car/truck workshops
maschinen Machine cleaning -
industrial applications
Parts cleaning and degreasing industrial applications Teile
With clever equipment we provide also for efficient and gentle working processes
recycling Coolant recycling applications
in car/truck workshops